Catch up 

Less than a week (!!) until we hit the road to Cairns, the thought alone is enlivening; it feels like an age since we were last ‘travelling’ as such, and it will be pretty full on, so to speak, from here onwards! 

We have plenty booked up and we are ready to roll, our feet are itching for new surfaces daily and our eyes are itching to see as much of this side of the world as we can! 

Blogs, from yours truly, will be regular as of the commencement of the road trip (internet connectivity providing) also, the pictures will be aplenty! Uluru, Great Ocean Road, Great Barrier Reef, *cough* New Zealand South island again *cough*, Perth, and lots in between! We’ll be testing out some long exposure photographs too, and try to get lots of footage on the GoPro of it all. 

As for what we have been doing the past few weeks since our last update, plenty of fun activities and day trips. Ice skating (in Brisbane – far from the icey breeze of Winter Wonderland in London’s chilly winter), MovieWorld, Wet’N’Wild, Mini Golf. 

Katie has been busy with work, racking up the hours in advance of all expenditures and trips. She has been doing herself proud for a company whom value her enough to halt their marketing for the month upcoming, the one of which, coincidentally, we are hitting the road! She also ran a dance workshop for some keen dancers, locally, which went very very well – and is a shade more enjoyable, and perhaps rewarding, than her property job! See picture attached for the smiles the little ones had after the workshop, a thoroughly pleasant experience had by one and all, for sure.

This Friday just gone (of course, Katie’s birthday!) we headed down to the Gold Coast for a day at SeaWorld, and then we shot back in time for some Rugby at the SunCorp Stadium in Paddington, Brisbane! It was the foggiest Brisbane has seen in years (according to our cab driver, atleast), and truth be told it was quite hard to see the Rugby! But a mesmorising finish in that the Reds, Brisbane Reds, won with the last kick of the game! Katie’s birthday cake, courtesy of Ava, Ella & I, worked out perfectly; we executed a burger cake taking up a couple of days, but a couple of days definitely well spent! Pictures don’t do it justice, it worked perfectly!

Weather wise, Australia’s winter, if you can even call it a winter – is blissful. It’s 22 degrees, or so, most days in Brissy. We’re far from excited for the slightly more baltic winters London will provide us when we’re ‘back’. Brrrrrrrr.

Right, we’re off to give Mimi our beloved Mitsubishi a prep talk in advance of the road trip, give her the confidence (and the engine oil) she’ll need to get us there safely! Cross your fingers and toes for us that all goes well, we can’t wait to hit the road, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

For now.

Katie & Sam




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