Day 97..

.. Yes, we’re still alive! Our sincerest apologies for our absence from the blog scene, a concoction of laziness, lack of real distance travelling to have the urge to boast about, and a sprinkling of other factors.

We are both very well, if not slightly cold now Spring is here, but still having as much fun as since our last blog post (felt like last year, right?). We are currently situated in the warm little suburb named Paddington, and we LOVE it here. The place is charming, we wish we could take it back home with us, if you visit Brisbane and need somewhere to stay – choose Paddington (should get paid for this shameless plugging..)

As far as the past goes, in terms of what we have done – Katie got a job, quit a job, got a better job… Landing a ‘Dream’ gig at ‘DreamWorld’, it not quite being what they had sold it to be, she swiftly left, moving onto a job within property, a very cool job with the chance to meet and talk to a whole variety of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

We have visited the Gold Coast, SeaWorld, Wet’N’Wild, an Easter break at the Coast – plenty more but my memory defeats me.

We have been to 3 Brisbane Roar (Football. Real English football – not Australia football aka Rugby, Australian Rules, and everything that they seemingly call football yet it not being so..) matches! Katie is now a fully pledged Brisbane Roar fan, who can seemingly predict their results, and she wants a Roar shirt.. Maybe for her next Birthday!

What does the future hold? In as far as this trip, we have nailed some dates down – including our trip home (sob sob), but we are so excited to get going. Let me walk you through it.

At the start of June, we head over to Bali (we felt the need for a holiday within a holiday – it’s a tough life) for 5 days, all booked up and we can’t wait, a day trip to a monkey sanctuary, a trip to one of Bali’s famous temples et much much more.

Post Bali, we hit the road! In our best friend Mimi (our beloved camper) we plan to head North, up to Cairns – for the great barrier reef. Spend some days there before heading back down towards Brisbane, visiting plenty of unique places on the way; of course. From Brisbane we carry on South, to Sydney.. Further South to Canberra and finally Melbourne.

After this, we recharge our batteries and head back up to Brisbane – of course a different route and taking in lots of places and views on the way! When we finally dock back in Brisbane, we’re not quite done. We have a date set to fly to Perth (over on the West Coast – we are currently ‘doing’ the East Coast). We plan to spend 4 days or so here, including a visit to Rottnest Island – the home of the Quokkas, a Marsupial in the Macropod family (aka Kangaroo and Wallaby families).

After Perth begins our trip home, but not without one more stop.. SINGAPORE! Spending 4 days here to break up our trip back, and to get ready to prepare ourselves for home; we’re excited for this. Neither of us have been to Singapore and it looks stunning, so why not!?

Ooh, almost forgot, we’ve yet to fit Uluru in here somewhere – we will do a return trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock) probably when we are in Sydney. Something we don’t think we can return home without doing.

Speak soon familia y amigos. Much love!


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