Good evening from Brisbane! 
We have been off the radar a bit to give ourselves some time to settle in and chill out a bit. We are all safe & well if you have been worrying (I’m sure you haven’t!) 

Over the past week, in short, we have done a lot of job hunting, flat hunting, general exploring and, of course, chilling out. 

We visited the local Lone Pine Sanctuary of which has a lot of koalas, we absolutely loved it! There’s nothing that screams Australia as much as this place! We go to hand feed and pet the kangaroos and wallabies, and adore and learn about the koalas.

City beach on the Southbank of Brisbane was pleasant on Saturday, as well as a spot of shopping.

Yesterday we purchased a camper! Mimi the Mitsubishi, an old yet (hopefully – touch wood) reliable camper, all ready for the job at hand. As old as the pair of us, but in better condition than us. Upon receipt of insurance, hopefully tomorrow, we will take her on her first drive with us down to the Gold Coast – to go to an adventure park! Technically, our first home.. we own it and it has a bed.. just a bit more affordable than a ‘real’ home! 

Not quite as exciting a few days as our adventure in New Zealand, I know – but given the time we have here we are spreading out our trips and touristic fun.

For now! S&K.


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