It’s been an amazing day! 

We began by grabbing a coffee and heading to the towards the Franz Josef glacier hiking track. The walk was a 2 hour round trip soaking in views ranging from the rainforest to the everchanging streams and rivers flowing from the tops of the mountains out to the sea. We could get as close as 2km to the glacier, as any closer would have been too dangerous. We got some amazing photos and the view was stunning throughout the walk. 

Next we shot off to the mirror lake which we have heard so much about. It was about a 40 minute hike to the lake and what an anticlimax it was! Unfortunately the clouds were not in our favour and the tops of the mountains were not visible so we didn’t get a chance to get a great photo. 

Lastly we headed to the Fox glacier which was a shorter hike but up the biggest hill we have ever hiked, Sam nearly collapsing at the top (we had walked 11+ miles by this point also)! We were 450 metres from the Fox glacier, which itself wasn’t as picturesque at the Franz glacier; it was covered in a lot of rock fall and dust. Despite this fact, we still got some great photos. 

We have stopped for the night in a lovely campsite nestled in the mountains. From here you can see millions of stars above, it’s absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately stars don’t photograph well so we can’t share them with you ☹️. 


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