South Island

A nice early rise for us this morning, to make the commute to the ferry harbour. Our 9AM departure got us into Picton on the South Island at around 1PM or so. The views for the ferry ride were absolutely gorgeous throughout, at times breathtaking. Beautifully calm waters and we saw a group of dolphins gracefully passing our ferry, a sight to behold.

First stop in the South Island had to be, and was, Marlborough – for some wine testing and to buy a bottle (well, two.. don’t judge us – it’s about half the price of the same in the UK). We got Katie’s favourite wine – Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. 

We had a lovely light lunch at Cloudy Bay vinyard and then ventured to our campsite for the night. We walked into town in the blazing sun (at last! Please stay, we enjoy your presence!), and now we are resting up ready for a big few days in the South.

Enjoy some of our pictures from today, we will have more to upload separately when we have a stronger internet connection – including the pictures we got of the dolphins. 

Thank you for reading, as ever. S&K. ✌🏻💗


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