Monday Sun-day

We are currently sat in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, but first to fill you in on the past couple of days.

Friday, as we quietly and ever so slightly embarrassingly declare, we went prawn fishing again. Two times in two days, but follow your heart as they say, and our hearts were set on hours of prawn fishing.  16 our net tally of prawns*, cooked up for us we then set off on our jolly travels again, this time to Napier.

* note that Katie caught all 16 and Sam caught 0!

Napier is pretty special, for those who don’t know, and I am sure many do not – Napier was hit by a huge earthquake in 1931, one of which was followed by hundreds of aftershocks in the following days. It tore the city down. Quickly acting, the Government got to work rebuilding it – and being the 1930’s, the style they opted for: Art Deco; being heavily in fashion at the time.

The place was beautiful, the couple of days we chose to visit was coincidently Art Deco weekend and there were plenty of things going on, including soap box racing for the kids through town. Almost everyone, bar us looking like tourists as ever, was wearing 1930’s-1940’s style attire and it was quite a sight. Also, classic cars every time you turned your head, beautiful pieces of machinery they were, kept in immaculate condition.

The afternoon of Saturday we took the 4hr+ journey through the hills and mountains of the lower section of the top island of NZ. From Napier down to Wellington, the capital we are currently exploring as we type! Some beautiful views along the way, the lasting view epitomising NZ being the one through the hills, green trees filling huge hills for hours. 

Setting up camp in Wellington, we witnessed a beautiful double 🌈 just before sunset, one of the most vibrantly coloured works of rainbow art we had ever seen, pictures don’t do it justice but it was very eye-taking, filled the sky.

Today, Monday, we ventured into Wellington CBD for a pleasant day on which was our first day with the sun blazing – of which felt very strong (hole in the O-Zone Layer)

New Zealand museum was our first stop, free of charge and it was an amazing experience with plenty of exhibits about the war, the Maori history and the animals and agriculture. We mooched around exploring the shops then pulled over to the harbour, spotting some stingrays in the ocean which was quite spectular, seeing just one and within moments seeing a dozen or so, gracing the waters very close to us. Some more walking, iced latte’s, cakes etc. Not a bad lifestyle! 

Early evening we ventured back to the harbour, plenty of kids around post-college jumping into the oceans from diving boards and allotted sections promoting diving in, quite amazing. Couple of drinks by the harbour sat in bean bags, reading of some books and some general people watching – back to the camper for an early start tomorrow as it’s South Island time! (One week left in NZ – insert sad face here) 

For now!



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