Yep, again, you guessed it. Today we went… prawn fishing! We also went to see a very beautifully intimidating waterfall.

No skydiving I’m afraid, weather has been terrible but we definitely made the best of said conditions. We headed to Lake Taupo town for food & a couple of coffees ☕️, then the short drive over to Huka, of which has a very easily accessible waterfall – only spending 5 or so minutes here due to the gloomy weather. We then decided to make the most of the day, so went prawn fishing! No word of a lie, one of our favourite activities of our journey thus far!

A bamboo stick, a line, some bait… we were at it for hours, time flew. Catching nine juicy critters between us; we then got them cooked for us and ate them there, the exact prawns we had just caught 🍤 The only thing not keeping us going was the 3.30 closing time; we’d still be there now if we could be.

Basically, in short, if in Taupo, go to the prawn park, rain or shine!

Also, we have attached a picture of our favourite sign to date, we loved it.

Thanks for reading as ever, S&K ✌🏻😀




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