Happy Campers


It’s been a very busy few days so apologies for the lack of a blog in the last few days, the internet is far from completely reliable and we are moving around a lot.

Anyway, to the business. Monday morning our time (Sunday evening for you Europeans) we picked up our campervan but unfortunately with a slight hiccup. Errors on their end had them slightly overbooked, our camper wasn’t ready so they hooked us up a car for us to get to Hobbiton in time for our 3.30pm time slot; of which we made, you’ll be glad to hear/read. 

From our place just a shade North of Auckland, we headed to the land of Hobbits.. Hobbiton! Hobbiton was beautifully picturesque, you can almost tell exactly what it is going to look like from the films & the pictures you will have seen, but this still doesn’t stop you from being blown away by the entire setting and the attention to detail. The extent of which the director had gone through to adapt things that would only feature in any film for 2 or 3 seconds was quite hard to believe.

From Hobbiton which is 2 hours South of Auckland, we drove West to Cambridge (not the first time we’be stayed in Cambridge – just one the other side of the world a mere 18,371km apart. Hooking up our camper and spending a few hours sorting it out, readying it for our trip.

Tuesday: we started by leaving bright and early for the hour or so trip over to Waitamo, a place that’s name is only on the map for the one thing we went for and many others go for. The caves. The big beautiful caves. We combo-ed two caves, starting the first with a family run business of which was a 45min walking tour with a boat to end it.. the boat spent in silence to admire the glowworms 🐛, there were millions, the only light in the pitch black of the caves.

The second was a fair wedge longer, nearing 2hours – not enjoying the latter quite as much, let’s just say the tour guide can make or break a cave visit! Lovely cave, though.

In the evening we headed down to Rotorua, a lovely town over the mountains – filled with natural springs and plenty of adrenaline filled activities, we may delve into then both in our time here. P.s. I am debating heading up to the skies for a… skydive in the following days- for those that know us will know whom is saying this!

Today, Wednesday – we headed into town to grab an iced coffee and straight to Rakurua Skyline. We hopped on a gondola up the steep hill, and at the top we used luge’s to get down. Very fun! Three different routes, each with more beautiful views than the previous, then we did one of them again for good luck (just kidding – to do it as fast as we could, knowing the route). Following our luge fun, we went to the Polynesian spa of which is a top 10 spa in the world. Geothermaly heated, ranging from 37c -42c. Relaxing after the adrenaline filled wonders of the luge.

Our plan after a couple days here is head down to Lake Taupo which is a huge lake just South of us, but we will fill you in further tomorrow, internet abiding. 
For now! 


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