Yesterday we transitioned from central Auckland to the northern side – a place called Birkenhead. So yeah, yesterday wasn’t the much fun to describe. 

So onto today, Waheike’s name translates loosely to land of the trickling water. A lovely name off the tongue and a lovely island to the eye. We ferried over in the morning, a 40min ferry journey which was worth every minute. A very smooth ride and some lovely views on the way of other islands and the beautiful sea for miles upon miles.

We got ourselves a pair of hop on hop off bus tickets which really helped, the island is too large to do by foot in its entirety & the commentary on the bus made for a fun trip with a bit of information along the way. We started with a bus ride to the nearest town, we hopped off and marched up to the most beautiful vineyard on the island, Mudbrick. Wine tasting, food platter and… oh some more wine. 

Taking our time to soak up the views on offer and soak up the lovely wine on offer; it was bliss. Next stop, next vineyard – some testing here after a short walk through the vineyards themselves – it sure is some experience and you can taste the difference in the wine (sorry, keep saying wine..don’t w(h)ine) – real quality and somewhat fairly priced in general (but you do end up down an arm & a leg come the end of the day)

Two more vineyards, plenty of breathtaking views and we headed back to our place by the means of the bus, a ferry, another ferry and finally a cab. Lovely day, tiring lifestyle this!

For now!


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