New Country: New Zealand

Starting at 6AM, we headed to Sydney airport to begin the second part, essentially, of our adventure.

Where to, I hear you ask? Auckland, New Zealand is the answer. 

Boarding our flight, ready to leave and hit the runway.. a storm hits. Two hour delay sat on the flight, not the best start but this happens. Circa 3h30 journey went pretty smoothly, but again more delays on the other end forced a somewhat short trip (for this side of the world, at least) into a longer day than we had anticipated!

Ant (a friend of Sam and family) met us from the airport and we set off to dump our bags at his apartment, met his lovely partner Alecia; then proceeded to a beach. 

We parked up as close to the beach as one could, grabbed some local fish &a chips and headed back to the beach to watch the sunset whilst consuming our somewhat English dinner on a somewhat-not English beach. Refer to pictures to see just how beautiful this place is – it’s name is Mission Bay, and it excites us for the beauty NZ so effortlessly provides us. Once back in Ant & Alecia’s place we decoded to paper up the glass wall of our bedroom! 

Proceeding a large sleep heading into today, we headed up to central Auckland to explore. Not too much to see, very city-esque we trotted down to the ferry harbor and took the twelve minute journey to Devonport, an island just off Auckland and visible to the naked eye from it.

We mooched around there for a bit, climbed Mt. Victoria which had a beautiful all round view from the peak. Went to the famous Devonport chocolatier then headed back to the apartment via the ferry again, well worth the visit; weather wasn’t idyllic, but we can’t control that!

Lastly we had dinner in a lovely independent place called ‘Peach Pit’ on K Road (Auckland equivalent of Brixton apparently!) the food was absolutely amazing! 

For now. ✌🏻


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