Calm Before the NZ

The last couple of nights have been two of the hottest on record in Sydney, hence the double figured queue in Miranda for some ice-cream on a Sunday night at 10.30pm (and we were two of them, of course)! . It was scrumptious ice cream, mind, which probably was a key contributor to the sheer amount of people.

Yesterday day time we went to the beach in Cronulla – we set off early and got plenty of morning sun. The waters were off limits for our first hour or so due to a spotted shark somewhere close. 🦈  Sun was scorching, but in increments due to cloud coverage – which is never any fun!

In the evening we headed to a Bavarian beer cafe in Miranda with Matt & Sam, last time we will see them, at least for the foreseeable future – a few drinks, food and a night cap of ice-cream, what better!?

Today. Tidy up, pack, few of our infamous life admin duties & a Thai takeaway – oh and a frozen coke in Sydney central today; sure that goes without saying by now.

We must fly (no pun intended) – up at silly o’clock to catch a flight to Auckland to begin the next part of our adventure. For now.. ✌🏻

P.s. Katie purchased a cap as she thinks she’s cool enough to don it (or she was getting a burnt head – something like that!)


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