A Day At The Zoo

Yesterday we had spent the majority of the day doing life admin pt.2, Katie got her nails done and we then drove to Botany Bay (not your most picturesque of Bay’s; it must be said). The reason, unfortunately, was to return our broken GoPro – but making the most out the situation we popped to the Westfields (huge shopping mall) in Botany and had a mooch around and bought a few little bits.

Today, was a little more fun. We drove around the outskirts of Sydney to reach the Taronga Zoo – and the weather obliged for such a day. We pretty much managed to see everything we wanted to; the Kangaroo’s and Wallaby’s were super cute. That’s just scratching the surface. Sweaty working walking around in the humidity but well, well worth it.

To do justice to the beautiful views, and the beautiful animals, of course, we’ve attached some pictures. (The Giraffe picture is the pick of our bunch, we’re sure you’ll like it too!)  It was well worth a visit, and it’s making us excited to visit Australia Zoo at a later date!

Tonights meal was a local pizza joints pizza, and of course a frozen coke (one a day keeps the doctor away!)

For now! Sam & Katie.

p.s. tomorrow we are going to the beach, and it looks set to be HOT.



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