Life Admin

The past 48 hours of our trip has consisted of what we can most aptly refer to as life admin. We have sorted our Australian banks out, our Medicare card to rebate us if we ever need it and last but not least, we (Katie’s credit I openly congress) planned our New Zealand trip!

Unfortunately  the weather has been, and appears, for the foreseeable future, to be, very ominous! Today was the epitome of the weather classification ‘overcast’. We’re not sure if the sun even popped it’s lovely little face out of hiding for any more than a few minutes!

Nonetheless, today we drove down to Bondi Beach to make the most of our days. Being brutally honest, we weren’t excessively impressed – it was nice in parts. The food we had was lovely (& the coffee – just as important!), but we wasn’t blown away by the place – I’m sure it’d have been a nicer experience with the sun joining us.

R.e. New Zealand, we have gone for the top to bottom route. We are spending a little more time in the top island over the bottom, as there appears to be an increased amount to do in the former. 

It feels strange to be excited to jet out of Australia, but to visit NZ; I’d say we are! But, of course, we will be as excited to return (to Brisbane). 

Have attached a few photos of our last couple of days, thanks for reading!

For now.


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