Mundane Mondays

..but not today! Today we tolerated the blazing sun, had to accept repetitive views of some trees, some rocks and we were painfully forced to trek for hours whilst at it. (Just kidding – it was one hell of a day!)

Setting off nice and early we drove up to the Blue Mountains, and boy are we happy we did! Stopping off for the staple of our beverage diet, a frozen coke priced very kindly at a solitary dollar. We followed guided routes but winged it at points; it felt right and it certainly provided! We saw breathtaking waterfalls and the views you see in the pictures attached are simply inescapable – which is just jaw dropping to walk through.​

We will let the the pictures and footage do the justice for our day – words can’t quite describe the views you can experience at the Blue Mountains – if in Sydney, infact if anywhere this side of the world, make time for it – you won’t regret it if the weather is on your side!

For now!


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