One Week In

This arvo (new Aussie lingo we are speedily adapting to – translates to afternoon) it dawned on us it’s one week, almost to the hour upon posting this, since we hopped on the plane, tired and excited! One week here, two days of relentless sun, three places sunburnt on Katie’s body, four hours spent on the phone sorting out the campervan for New Zealand & five kilos of sushi 🍣 consumed.

We’ve had a lovely time thus far, and are very excited for what’s to come. For those interested, our plans as of now are one more week in Sydney, fly to New Zealand to explore. Neither of us have been to the country of which we have heard so much positivity regarding it’s raw natural beauty. We are going to be very camera-happy for the fortnight we spend here, don’t you guys worry.

Tomorrow we head to the Blue Mountains in Sydney, and it’s going to be nice and hot. We will be bathing in the suncream for this; walking up in the mountains in 35+C heat… can’t wait.

Adios for now! P.s. Have a picture and a video of Cronulla beach just 30mins away from our place, we visited here today and had a walk around, had some food and some coffee – beautiful place.



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