Life Is A Beach

Sun, sand & a little more sun! Today we drove through the National Park again but this time to the lovely lagoon-esque beach named Wattamolla.

Placed elegantly in the midst of beautiful greenery, once parked up it was a few minutes walk through the trees while having a beautiful view of where we were about to bathe in the sun and bathe in the fairly clear beautifully warm waters.

A small swim away there was a rather large rock of which can be climbed for the sole purpose of jumping back in! Some brave souls flipping off a 20+ft rock. Sam & Matt had a blast, minus the flips and on the smaller one; safely so!

The sun was ruthless, mid 30’s and beautifully windy -easy to sunbathe for hours, perhaps too many hours as our slightly worn skin, to say the least, is showing us now.

GoPro’s are fun, we found out our one is definitely waterproof so that’s good! Can’t wait to test it at the Reef at some point!

We best shoot, time for more Sushi!  #sushidiet

For now. S&K ✌🏻❤



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