Happy Australia Day!

Today was Australia Day! 

Consisting of a lot of people, possessing a lot of alcohol and a hell of a lot of Police to keep everyone in some kind of check!

In the morning we headed through the National Park and to a beach, the first beach they would let us on as they closed off others. The $12 entrance fee was a little above what we valued it at (Australia Day surplus) but the drive down to it was an experience in itself, breathtaking views; shame the weather was overcast!

We left just as the crowds were heavily picking up, and headed back to bring the party back home! A party consisting of 2 pommys, 1 Australian and 1 pommy turned Aussie. Beer pong was played, of which transcended to watching the tennis and Sam falling asleep, we sure know how to party hard! Sam & Matt napping on the sofa to Federer v Wawrinka whilst Katie & Samantha chatted through the night, drank and listened to music. I’m not sure which is more Aussie!

P.s Samantha & Katie won beer pong! 



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