Not So Sunny Sydney

Greetings from a rather cloudy Sydney! In contrast to yesterdays 37 degrees, today has been around 24 degrees… not what we signed up for! We have no tan lines as of yet and this is quite distressing. We see very sunny, not so overcast days in the near future – let’s hope the weather forecasts are correct just this once!

Today consisted of a journey into central Sydney, usual tourist pictures in front of the Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge – GoPro run out of batteries so no fun jumping shots or panoramic mini videos! Following weaving between weaves of people in the midst of a busy Sydney centre, we pulled aside to hire a car to let us branch out a bit further in Sydney in the remainder of the 2 weeks we have left.

Plans are to visit a few beaches, the Blue Mountains, Bondi, and a few erratic no-plan trips to see where we end up! ‘Cos why not, eh?

We saw a cockatoo of whom was very forefront in his actions, pretty much landing to sit with us.. apparently they are pests over here so that makes sense. Quite a beautiful pest, we must add.

Lastly, and most importantly, Dominos pizza isn’t as good as the UK.

For now.


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