TimTams, Chicken Salt & Bundaberg.

We have arrived!

After a laborious 30 hours  or so of what seemed like constant security checks, running between planes and kicks in the backs of our seats – we landed in Sydney and hopped in a quick cab. We dumped our stuff onto the floor of our room and slept..slept, slept, slept. For a monster 4 hours! Jet lag isn’t so fun. As for the weather, it is very hot, as to be expected, but quite cloudy unfortunately – no rush though, the sun won’t be hiding forever! We will chase it wherever it goes!

First meal upon setting foot in the land of upside down, courtesy of Katie’s choice – chicken nuggets and chicken salt chips! Included in our first grocery shop: TimTams, chicken salt & Bundaberg! As the title suggests…

First apartment is lovely, it’s huge, has it’s own private balcony overlooking the river – Katie’s on crocodile spotting, and has turned the apartment upside down to check for spiders; shame it’s pretty spotless eh.

Tomorrow and the days following I am positive we will have a bit more to write home about – first few days after that sort of distance journey usually just entail a lot of ‘I’m tired’ during the day and ‘I’m not tired’ during the night!

p.s. we don’t understand Australian grocery prices, $2 for a 2L bottle of juice yet over $8 for a mini pack of Cadbury Creme Egg’s. A bit of salmon… $16. Cheaper to eat out.
Speak soon.


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